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Singapore has lots of brilliant architecture, this is the Fountain of Wealth the water falls down inwards instead of the normal up and outwards...The Fountain of Wealth (Chinese: ????) is listed by the Guinness Book of Records in 1998 as the largest fountain in the world.[1] It is located in one of Singapore's largest shopping malls, Suntec City...During certain periods of the day, the fountain is turned off and visitors are invited to walk around a mini fountain at the centre of the fountain's base for good luck. At night, the fountain is the setting for laser performances, as well as "live" song and laser message dedications between 8pm to 9pm daily.[2] It is situated in such a way the fountain is the hub of the shopping mall..More Info. ar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fountain_of_Wealth..Photographer: Paul w Sharpe aka Wizard of Wonders&trade;."Wizard of Wonders&trade; All Rights Reserved copyright 2011"