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    Paul W Sharpe aka Wizard of Wonders is a visual artist. His art is about deep thinking dimensions, which take viewers into another world, another dimension of our brain, with employing chaotic geometrical elements.  Aesthetics and composition becomes a new definition in his artwork so the viewer will be challenged with the classical understanding of art.


     The viewers mind is captivated in his art by intensive colours and chaotic space.  In his work sometimes human bodies are in interaction with space. It is insightfully meditating roaming within his work.


     Paul is also in love with photography and employing it to capture wild life and landscapes. It is a way to go away from city life and get most inspiration for his art. He has been awarded numerous times for his photographic art by different National competitions & is acknowledged in major international photography associations.
    His images have been featured on book covers, directory's and even candy wrappers internationally.
His art has been in numerous galleries and exhibitions. He lives in the Philippines & British Columbia and has his main art studio in Cloverdale, B.C., Canada.



                                                                        I like to think, I see the world, how most do not™


    Nature sometimes presents her beauty to us in profound and dramatic ways. More often, we must search the apparent disorder to discover her splendor. I find myself drawn to intimate imagery where nature's beauty presents itself through contemplation of the details. I believe my photographs are most successful when they reveal nature's subtle elegance.


WoW Exhibition 


Crescent Beach Black and White Invitational 2014
Canadian Association for Photographic Art ~ Silver medal ~ 
"High Rises of Bangkok"

Celebration of Nature Photography 2013” Competition
Category 2: Mammals
First Place - “Bison Feeding by the River” 

CAPA Pacific Zone Print Challenge 2012
Canadian Association for Photographic Art ~ Gold medal ~ 
"Walt Disney Curves"

Finalist in the 2012 Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and exhibition owned by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine. 


Art! Vancouver Show  -  May 21 to 24th at the iconic Vancouver Convention Centre
Freedom Arts Collective Gallery, Langley, BC, Canada

Windows on the Water Gallery, White Rock, BC, Canada


Wizard of Wonders Studio Gallery, Cloverdale, BC, Canada

Solo Show - The Malek Gallery, Langley, BC, Canada
Fraser Valley Invitational, Fort Langley, BC, Canada

Fraser River Discovery Centre, New Westminster, BC, Canada

Willowbrook Mall, Langley, BC, Canada

Willowbrook Mall, Langley, BC, Canada

Fraser River Discovery Centre, New Westminster, BC, Canada


Fraser Valley Invitational, Fort Langley, BC, Canada

Fraser River Discovery Centre, New Westminster, BC, Canada


Willowbrook Mall, Langley, BC, Canada

Fraser Valley Invitational, Fort Langley, BC, Canada

Guildford library, Surrey, BC, Canada

Surrey Tax Centre, Surrey, BC, Canada

Fraser River Discovery Centre, New Westminster, BC, Canada


Exposure Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Fraser River Discovery Centre, New Westminster, BC, Canada

Paul's Art is Privately Held Worldwide

Preston, Victoria - Australia

Brussels - Belgium

Vancouver, BC - Canada
Woodstock, ON
Surrey, BC
Langley, BC

Kalol, Gujarat - India

Cebu - Philippines

Queenstown, Eastern Cape - South Africa

London - United Kingdom

Anaheim, CA - United States of America
Blacksburg, VA
Los Angeles, CA
Sacramento, CA
Temecula, CA
North Attleboro, MA
Milton, FL
Belews Creek, NC
Rochester, MN
Massapequa, NY
Garland, TX
Decatur, Al
Greenville, SC
Stratham , NH
Honolulu, HI
Christine, TX
Atlanta, GA
East Haven, CT
Bloomfield, NM
Ashburn, VA
Fort Wayne, IN
San Diego, CA
Fort Mill, SC
Traverse City, MI
Columbia, MD
Calabasas, CA
Stillwater, OK
Sierra Vista, AZ
Peoria, IL
Trumbull, CT
Houston, TX

☼  Paul is currently looking for gallery representation worldwide.

Paul W Sharpe (b1968)


PAUL Westray Sharpe was born in Skegness but moved to Grantham when he was five.

He went first to Little Gonerby School, then The National School and The Central School.

He moved to Canada in 1986 to work in his father’s and uncle’s business. This had been originally founded by his grandmother Mona Westray Sharpe, who had a shop on the seafront in Skegness and did the same sea shell-art in Canada.

After working and running the business for 25 years Paul decided he needed a change so began to pursue photography which in turn led to his abstract art.

His big breakthrough and first gallery solo show was in July 2014 in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

His work animated collage was also displayed on a huge billboard in Time Square, New York,  USA  during the same month.

He works under the name  Wizard of Wonders.

His mother Sue continued to live in Grantham until about 2009 years ago when she retired from working at the Grantham jobcenter and moved to Skegness to be closer to her family.

His father Richard Westray Sharpe, was a fire officer in Grantham for about 10 years before he moved to Vancouver and is understood to have been the youngest person to become a fire officer in Lincolnshire.